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Forever Young Salon & Spa at 10960 Winds Crossing Drive in Charlotte, North Carolina

Forever Young Salon & Spa in 10960 Winds Crossing Drive, North Carolina: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Beauty salon

Phone: +1 704-588-7050


10960 Winds Crossing Drive,
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Reviews about Forever Young Salon & Spa

  • Jessica Russell
    March 24, 2017
    1 /5
    Marsha being such a loving woman decided to have my husbands vehicle towed out of her parking lot after it broke down. Let me add it broke down over night while it was below feezing temperatures. It wasn't even there for 12 hours. Apparently the vechile was too "poor" looking and she didn't want it sitting in the parking lot (which is shared by many shops, none of which were open at the time). She lied to the towing service and told them that she was the property owener and that my husbands car was there for several days. It wasnt. Let me add she may be the owner of this spa but she is RENTING AND LIVING out of this shopping strip. Renting means she does not own the building. For some reason she decided to call a towing service in NORTH TULSA and had my car taken an entire city away. Of course racking up nothing but fees for me and my family. When confronting her about it the day she had it towed all she could do was smile and lie threw her teeth about how she wasn't the one who had it towed. However my paperwork from the wrecker service says otherwise. I believe her name, her business name and her drivers license # are all on this paperwork... but how could that be??? BECAUSE SHE IS A LYING PIECE OF you know what. Apparently she doesn't handle conflict well, if you continue reading her reviews you will find her laughing at an unsatisfied customer claiming their claim has no reveleance. I'm sure if her hair was falling out because of bad extensions from another stylist she'd consider it revelant. Anyways she is a horrible person and I hope one day when you Marsha may be stranded in the cold that someone shows you the same kindness you showed me and my family.
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About Forever Young Salon & Spa in Charlotte, North Carolina

Forever Young Salon & Spa is located at 10960 Winds Crossing Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina.